Shootershillgcgreens blog

The 1st week of the shooterhillgcgreens blog has past and its been very eventful week with the weather and work on the course. The statistics have revealed that the blog has received 1032 views in the first week, this is very encouraging. Keep an eye on the list of categories on the rhs over the next month as the list grows.

Course open

Course open and a lovely -1·3°c this morning, there’s even evidence of snow early this morning but the forecast for the weekend is good but a little cold with a nice north/east wind averaging 12mph. Come and play the coldest ever Easter?



  The course will be closed when the course is unplayable, dangerous or the course will be under threat of considerable damage from play. The main factors when the course is closed are highlighted below:

1. Snow cover.

2. Lengthy periods of frost.

3.  Water logging or long periods of rain either over night or from the previous days.Consideration has to be made to wear and tear areas around the greens and tees as these areas are vulnerable to damage due to their close proximity to the green and tees.

4.  During the thawing process! When the surface of the course (greens, tees, fairways or rough) have defrosted but further down has not, then this will cause root break to the plant if walked on. The course has to be closed when this situation arises.

Other golf clubs maybe open when we are not, that is their decision to do so even though it may not be the correct one. Our policy is to keep the course in superb condition all year round but unfortunately this can only be achieved by keeping the course closed during the above conditions.