Fox damage.

Nice welcoming site this morning when I reached the 13th green.

Fox holes in the bunker on 17th RHS.

Needle tinning greens.

The decision has be made to needle tine the greens to 2″ depth at 8mm diameter tomorrow behind the society. The reason for this work is to help the irrigation penetrate the greens surface rather than run off the green and evaporate. This will also reduce the amount of water we have to apply to the greens and reduce further chemical costs (wetting agents) which help the water penetrate the surface. We have already needle tined greens 14th, 15th and chipping green then cut and rolled them afterwards. As you can see from the pictures below, there is minimal disruption to the surface and the surface of the holes should close over by the weekend.

Tractor mounted John Deere aerocore 1500

6″ by 8mm tines x24

15th green after tinning.(without a cut/roll)

Finished green after 2x cuts/roll.