Profile of the greens.

Over the next couple of days I will be inspecting the greens soil profile for thatch build up and consistency. I have already made plans to carry out the same work as we did in the spring renovation. The idea is to achieve consistency over all 20 greens and this can only be achieved by treating them differently as they all behave in different ways. Throughout the year all the greens receive different quantities of fertiliser’s and topdressing so the consistency can be achieved, if you get this wrong then the greens will be noticeable different in there performance ie green speed, firmness and roll. Next week we may alter the depth we hollow tine which depends on the depth of thatch/fibre we have accumulated.

Repairing divots on par 3’s.

We are blessed with stunning views and a beautiful course at Shooters Hill Golf Club which so easily be ruined by a discarded coke can or an empty crisp packet. We encourage all members and visitors to repair pitchmarks, rake bunkers after use and replacing divots on the fairways as part of the players care of the course. We also encourage repairing divots on the par 3 tees using the seed and sand mixture provided in the divot boxes by the white tee markers. This will improve the recovery time of the divot and longevity of the tee. While the green staff carryout divoting on all the tees throughout the year we encourage all members and visitors to use the divot boxes provided.

Please take time to click on the link below.

4th tee after President’s Prize and Monthly Medal, Lovers & Salvers Round 5 last weekend.

Repaired divot using the divot boxes.