Buggies in use.

Please follow the rules when using buggies and adhere to the white lines around the greens. Further information can be found under buggies in the categories section.

Verti draining greens.

Unfortunately its that time of year when the greens need to be verti drained. The work will commence on Monday 18th November 2013 behind the ladies Pearson Trophy match. This work will ensure the greens remain playable through the winter months, pictures to follow.

Compost teas

Another brew set up to spray on the greens tomorrow afternoon. Brewing time will be 9pm tonight till 12pm tomorrow.


We started using compost teas last year to great effect which in turn reduced our fertiliser and fungicide applications on the greens. This involves brewing various beneficial fungi and bacteria which are then sprayed over the greens. The brewer holds 200lt of water and brewed for 20hrs for beneficial fungi and then rebrewed for another 20hrs for beneficial bacteria.

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