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Replenishing bunkers with new sand.

Unfortunately there’s been a delay 2 week delay on our last delivery of bunker sand. Rumours were that all the sand was taken for fracking in Sussex but now on good authority that a certain Mr Abramovich has taken the large part of our sand fractions for 2 of his new state of the art practise pitches at Cobham. We have finally secured delivery next Tuesday evening.

Week after renovation.


Picture on the left was a week ago today and on the right is today. Showing great signs of recovery and the larger verti-drain holes will close up next week, theses are left unfilled so when we have heavy rain during the summer the greens will drain quickly. Hopefully next week we will see some of the new bent seed starting grow.


A little nutrient and bio stimulants to help speed up recovery but to much will encourage disease.


Then a fungal dominant compost tea brew sprayed on the greens to degrade thatch and improve soil biology then a rebrew with bacteria which reduce disease and unlock nutrients so they are readily available for the plant. During this dry spell we have irrigated the the greens this week with 24mm of water to help recovery, improve germination of the bent seed and to wash in nutrient/bio stimulants and fungal/bacteria compost tea brews.