Fog Warning ⚠

Met Office Warnings Issued For:
Greater London
Yellow warning of fog
From: 0500 on Tue 16 SeptemberTo: 0930 on Tue 16 September
Updated 1 hour ago  | Active
Widespread fog is affecting much of East Anglia, Southeast England and the East Midlands this morning with visibility reduced to 100 metres or less in places. The public should be aware that this will lead to difficult traveling conditions during this morning’s busy period. The fog should gradually lift and disperse during the morning.

Greens Renovation Week 1st-4th September 2014

Renovation week will consist of hollow tining the greens with 8mm hollow tines down to a depth of 2″ then dressed with 30 tons of Ruffords no3 topdressing.


Monday: Verti-cut and hollow tining greens with possible 3 temporary greens in place.

Tuesday: Hollow tining greens will commence with possible 3 temporary greens in place.

Wednesday: Overseeding and topdressing applied and brushed in, 2 temporary greens in place.

Thursday: Overseeding and topdressing applied and brushed in, 2 temporary greens in place.

Friday: Course presentation and final brush on the greens.

Weather forecast looks good so I’m hoping for not too many delays.


The reasons for this essential work is to keep the greens in good condition and playable for most of the year. The weather in recent years has been a great test for our greens and I think you all would agree they have performed well with no temporary greens or disease out breaks, this is a testament to the plan that was implemented way back in April 2003 when I took up the position here at Shooters Hill Golf Club. Since then 4″ of thatch has been removed and replaced with 3″ (980 tons) of the most suitable topdressing available in the UK. The easiest thing to do now would be “nothing” but that would be the wrong thing to do unless we want to go back to soft, slow, bumpy, diseased scarred and temporary greens. The most difficult job now is to keep them this way with the least amount of disruption to play and keeping thatch from increasing. The work above is the least we can do for now and will take up to 2 weeks to recover weather permitting and will reduce thatch, help surface water percolation while keeping the surface firm and true for play this winter. Photos will be published on here through out the week to keep you informed of the progress