Spring has arrived!

Our native Bluebells are now starting to flower and the emerging Wood Anemones, these can all be seen from the recently cleared areas by the 7th and 10th.

1st Tee New Garden Improvements.

Work will commence today on the new garden and path alongside the Yellow and White 1st tee. We will be removing the bramble infested rhododendrons, metal fence and a small section of leylandii hedge. We will then cultivate the soil adding our own compost from the 6th/12th area which we have been working on by using our leaves we collect during the Autumn.


We will then cover the area in geotextile and plant Cornus Sericea ‘flaverama’ (yellow Dogwood) and Photinia  (Red Robin) and then cover the area with 20mm stone.

To finish the area off we are planning to install a new sign for the course information.