Renovation Week update.

Greens have now been completed and we sprayed a fungal brew on the greens yesterday and watered heavily to wash the brew/sand in and today we will spray rebrew consisting of bacteria with a part trail on 9 greens for an experiment over the next 3 months to see the effect on disease such as Fusarium.

The first cut on the greens will be on Saturday at a height of 4.5mm this height will improve recovery time as other competitions start again next week the height of cut will come down but not at the usual summer heights as the temperatures are now falling with less day light hours the turf will struggle at a lower height this time of year and be more susceptible to disease.

Renovation week commencing 03/09/19

Renovation week will consist of hollow tining the greens with 8mm hollow tines down to a depth of 2″ then dressed with 30 tons of Ruffords no3 topdressing and verti-draining/solid tining down to 7″.
Monday: Double verti cut then hollow tining greens with possible 3 temporary greens in place.
Tuesday: Hollow tining greens with possible 3 temporary greens in place.
Wednesday: Bent seed applied then 30t topdressing and brushed in, 2 temporary greens in place.
Thursday: Topdressing applied and brushed in, 2 temporary greens in place.
Friday: Course presentation.

We are expecting rain on Thursday so above work may be adjusted to suit the forecast and work load.

Rough Mower

Unfortunately we have a rough mower failure on Thursday and our up most efforts to resolve the problem before the weekend simply came down to logistics, hopefully the part will arrive on Monday and mechanic plus part will arrive on the tuesday to fix the failure. So holes 12, 13, 16,17 and 18th have been cut and the rest have not so as most of you are competent golfers it should not be a problem this weekend after the recent drought.