Course update

Course open with no restrictions.

15th green adjustment

We have increased the size of the 15th green to its original size, this will increase pin placements and decrease wear to this green. Shapes and sizes to all playing areas change with time and adjustments have to be made .

Topdressing greens Tuesday 04/06/19

Our usual aeration was carried out last week on the greens and tomorrow we intend to topdress, verti cut and overseed with Bent seed. This work is a week later than last year due to the fixtures at the moment and staff holidays/4 day weeks. We will verti-cut the greens on Monday afternoon in 2 directions and this will continue on Tuesday with the application of topdressing. The greens will then be brushed and wash in by either irrigation or rainfall.
This work will ensure the greens will be the best condition through June, July and beyond which is traditionally our busiest and most important calendar months.
“Why are you doing this again!”
To ensure the greens remain healthy and smooth during our busiest months.
The topdressing will ensure the greens remain playable “firm” during the winter months.

Aeration will strengthen the greens during extreme weather conditions and the introduction of Bent seed will help them through tough conditions making them more sustainable and healthy with out extra costs of resources which are past onto the member’s/customers ie Fertiliser’s, Water, Fungicides, Wetting agents and Labour costs.
Short term damage with long term benefits that will recover by the weekend!