Greens Aeration for Monday 12/08/19

It’s that time of the year for one more aeration on the greens before Septembers greens renovation. The work carried out to the greens will be very short term disruption and will be back to normal by the weekend. It’s essential we carry out this work due to compaction diseases we are likely to see during August from heavy play from the past 2 months. This work will encourage root development and help with percolation during the autumn and minimise surface disruption from when we carry out greens renovation in September.

Here’s a picture from the chipping area we tined last week with the chisle tines we intend to use on the 12th August.

11th Tee Update.

In the past month we have managed to install irrigation and move 90 tons of rootzone on to the tee during the snow, rain and frost. We are roughly a week behind due to the weather and the forecast is looking good for the next 3 weeks. We have booked the lazer level for next week and we are hoping to turf the tee on the week of 25th February. We will keep you posted in the coming weeks.

Course Information

Today we will be cutting down the last 2 willow trees to the right hand side of the 2nd fairway just before the newly erected pathway down to the 3rd tees. These are due to come out as they are very evasive and will in no time send roots through our new drainage, this will then cause blockages and will leave the drainage unable to work to it’s full potential.

We will continuing verti draining fairways around the course so please be aware of this.