12th Tee Progress.

Now the weather has finally settled down and the 12th tee area has started to dry out we managed to move 70 tons of rootzone onto the newly shaped 12th tee and installed the irrigation on the tee as well. Today the tee is dry enough to get our excavator to start moving the rootzone around, this will enable the lazer level to complete the finishing surface ready for turfing. We are hoping to turf next week but this depends on the lazer levelling arriving this week but as your well aware we’re taking one day at a time at the moment with this COVID19 virus.

Course Winter Projects

From January till March is the time we carry out our major projects on the course and for this year is listed below.

1. 13th/17th Tee bank garden install.

2. 12th White/yellow Tee renovation and irrigation install on the 12th tee and 11th green.

3. Improvement to parking by the buggy garages and overflow car park.

4. Tree work around Tees and Greens.

Picture below show the new plan for the 12th Tee.

In the picture above you can see the top of the Stakes showing how uneven the 12th tee is. Tees are a very important part of the course and if uneven can ruin the enjoyment and playability of the course.


When carrying out these projects they will be work on at various times, this is due to weather conditions, staff levels, other priorities, course presentation commitments and contractors.

When working on areas of the course for long periods these areas became very wet and dangerous and unworkable this is why areas are tackled at different times of the months.

Greens Aeration for Monday 12/08/19

It’s that time of the year for one more aeration on the greens before Septembers greens renovation. The work carried out to the greens will be very short term disruption and will be back to normal by the weekend. It’s essential we carry out this work due to compaction diseases we are likely to see during August from heavy play from the past 2 months. This work will encourage root development and help with percolation during the autumn and minimise surface disruption from when we carry out greens renovation in September.

Here’s a picture from the chipping area we tined last week with the chisle tines we intend to use on the 12th August.