Renovation Week update.

Greens have now been completed and we sprayed a fungal brew on the greens yesterday and watered heavily to wash the brew/sand in and today we will spray rebrew consisting of bacteria with a part trail on 9 greens for an experiment over the next 3 months to see the effect on disease such as Fusarium.

The first cut on the greens will be on Saturday at a height of 4.5mm this height will improve recovery time as other competitions start again next week the height of cut will come down but not at the usual summer heights as the temperatures are now falling with less day light hours the turf will struggle at a lower height this time of year and be more susceptible to disease.

August Course Work

Now we are in the last part of season the greens recieved a much needed bayonet tine down to 3″, this will make the greens much stronger as we go in August which is the start of high pressure disease period till December.

We have reciently forked and sprayed fairy rings on the greens with a fungi and bacteria compost tea brew which has so far worked effectively and another will be applied at the end of August.

Long grass/scrub areas will recieve a cut and collect with our new Trilo S3 this will improve these areas for next year by encouraging the finer grasses and reducing weeds.

Work on the course;

  1. Replace astro turf by 10th green.
  2. Cut and clear long grass scrub areas on 9th, 16th/17th and 2nd tee area.
  3. Leaks on the course.
  4. Aerating tees.
  5. Renovation week GREENS hollow core and topdress with 8mm hollow tines, recovery 2 weeks. On week 3rd-7th September 2018.

After a testing period of drought through the summer and extra fixtures to the calendar, this year has really tested the course and greens to the full. Feedback back from the PGA during the Pro am was amazing and from other Clubs in home matches throughout the summer. This is a testimont to all the work we do throughout the year from aeration on the greens to managing our woodland areas with out this work your playing surfaces will deteriorate.

We currently have long term plans and in the short term our main priority is to get the course recovered from the drought before the winter arrives and finalising a winter plan.

Work On The Course Week Commencing 30/07/18.

Following our topdressing and needle tine in May we will be carrying out a needle tine and verti-cut today. This work is very important as the greens will start to deteriorate through August after a busy season of play and July/August is a time when diseases appear from the lack of aeration and a change in the weather. Tinning and verti-cutting greens will give them a new lease of life until September. We will be spraying our fungi and bacteria brews after the above work which will reduce thatch and turf diseases.

Long scrub areas will be cut back with our new Trilo S3 collector in the coming weeks, this will encourage the finer grasses and discourage weeds and corser grasses.

Past and To The Future.

Course starting to peak as planned for June and July for our most important months in the playing season and after a difficult spring which was at least a month behind, our effective and proven maintenance regime are still paying off each year while other clubs have less consistent surfaces. This is due to our aeration and biological programmes which is more sustainable using good fungi, bacteria and bio stimulants which in turn we use less fungicides, water and fertilisers which would be at a cost to you as members with our current limited budgets.

Profile showing 2-3% Organic Matter (mostly living roots)

Each year I run trails on the greens to see which is effective for disease prevention called IPM, this is very proactive as long term forecast reads that we will loose many fungicides in the future and with this considered we are at present at least 10 years ahead of the “game”.

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