4th Tee Tree Work

The majority of the over hanging branches in the gap have been pruned by our tree climbers and the next step is to take a few small oaks on the left and right of the gap. Rather than close the hole for a few days we will complete this work when the course closes and we are able to work in safety.


Verti-Draining Fairways and Aprons.

Work has commenced vertidraining fairways and aprons, this will relieve compaction, improve drainage and health/vigour of the plant. We hope to complete this operation before Christmas.

Past and To The Future.

Course starting to peak as planned for June and July for our most important months in the playing season and after a difficult spring which was at least a month behind, our effective and proven maintenance regime are still paying off each year while other clubs have less consistent surfaces. This is due to our aeration and biological programmes which is more sustainable using good fungi, bacteria and bio stimulants which in turn we use less fungicides, water and fertilisers which would be at a cost to you as members with our current limited budgets.

Profile showing 2-3% Organic Matter (mostly living roots)

Each year I run trails on the greens to see which is effective for disease prevention called IPM, this is very proactive as long term forecast reads that we will loose many fungicides in the future and with this considered we are at present at least 10 years ahead of the “game”.

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