15th Drainage (Spring/clay pipes).

This will be easy just connect the spring to the existing drainage we installed across the 14th carry afew years ago. Wrong!

Well after digging the trench across the 15th fairway and coming across money different drainage work over the years (well before my time) we’ve finally connected pipe to carry the water from the wet area, just fill and tidying to do.

Weather And Course Update Winter 2019/20

This winter from December to February has seen a total of 52 wet days and 39 dry days  out of a possible 91 days while the course has been closed for 46 days. Unfortunately the course is clay base with areas of stone and sandy topsoil over the 1st, 2nd, 9th 14th and 15th. After prolonged rain fall on the hill, water starts to appear in various areas as the soil becomes waterlogged these areas are known as springs. Springs can move around and not always show in the same area and they can be slow to appear during the winter and slow to disappear when the summer arrives. They all have to be maintained with pipe and shingle and the areas that impede play and stay wet the longest have to be dealt with first and we usually tackle these areas around February March time when they start to dry up. We have arranged MJ Abbots Ltd to quote with a view to installing drainage on the larger wet areas like the 16th and a greater plan for every hole over a longer period we will keep you updated on this.

Please click on the link below to see the rainfall amounts going back to 2005 and how this compares to this winter.

Rainfall chart for winter averages

Below shows December to February rainfall amounts, closures and days.