Course Information

Course open and buggies are not in use due to unsuitable ground conditions everywhere.

Verti-draining greens this week and there will be at least one temporary green in use.


Verti-Draining Greens

Now the March competitions have finished this has given us the opportunity to verti-drain the greens starting on Monday 18th March and will complete on Wednesday 20th March. This is the 3rd time this winter and there will be another verti-draining greens on the next renovation week in April.


Renovation Week update.

Greens have now been completed and we sprayed a fungal brew on the greens yesterday and watered heavily to wash the brew/sand in and today we will spray rebrew consisting of bacteria with a part trail on 9 greens for an experiment over the next 3 months to see the effect on disease such as Fusarium.

The first cut on the greens will be on Saturday at a height of 4.5mm this height will improve recovery time as other competitions start again next week the height of cut will come down but not at the usual summer heights as the temperatures are now falling with less day light hours the turf will struggle at a lower height this time of year and be more susceptible to disease.

Past and To The Future.

Course starting to peak as planned for June and July for our most important months in the playing season and after a difficult spring which was at least a month behind, our effective and proven maintenance regime are still paying off each year while other clubs have less consistent surfaces. This is due to our aeration and biological programmes which is more sustainable using good fungi, bacteria and bio stimulants which in turn we use less fungicides, water and fertilisers which would be at a cost to you as members with our current limited budgets.

Profile showing 2-3% Organic Matter (mostly living roots)

Each year I run trails on the greens to see which is effective for disease prevention called IPM, this is very proactive as long term forecast reads that we will loose many fungicides in the future and with this considered we are at present at least 10 years ahead of the “game”.

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Aeration And Topdressing Greens……”why are you doing this again!”

Our usual aeration and topdress 4 weeks before Club Trophy/Scratch Cup week has been brought forward to this week due to extra fixtures during June and a cancellation this week. We have verti-cut the greens in 2 directions and aerated the greens with knife tine’s down to 3″ at 2″ spaces today and Thursday we will topdress and overseed the greens then brush and wash in by either irrigation or rainfall.

This work will ensure the greens will be the best condition through June, July and beyond which is traditionally our busiest and most important calendar months.

“Why are you doing this again!”

  • To ensure the greens remain healthy and smooth during our busiest months.
  • The topdressing will ensure the greens remain playable “firm” during the winter months.
  • Aeration will strengthen the greens during extreme weather conditions and help them through tough conditions making them more sustainable and healthy with out extra costs of resources which are past onto the member’s/customers ie Fertiliser’s, Water, Fungicides, Wetting agents and Labour costs.
  • Short term damage with long term benefits that will recover by the weekend.


Renovation Week 09-13/04/18

Renovation week will consist of hollow tining the greens with 8mm hollow tines down to a depth of 2″ then dressed with 30 tons of Ruffords no3 topdressing and verti-draining/solid tining down to 7″.
Monday: Hollow tining greens with possible 3 temporary greens in place.
Tuesday: Hollow tining greens then verti-draining will commence with possible 3 temporary greens in place.
Wednesday: Verti-draining greens and topdressing applied and brushed in, 2 temporary greens in place.
Thursday: Topdressing applied and brushed in, 2 temporary greens in place.
Friday: Course presentation.