Weather Station

We’ve invested in a new weather station after the old one finally gave up after many years service.

Davis Vantage Pro2 6152UK is an expandable, wireless professional quality weather station with a wide range of options and sensors. All Vantage Pro2 stations include a console and a versatile integrated sensor suite that can be customised by adding consoles or special-purpose options. The anemometer can be mounted separately, up to 40′ (12 m), from the rain collector.

This weather station displays and records barometric pressure, temperature, humidity, rainfall and wind with optional solar radiation and UV.

The console gives calculated values such as wind chill, dew point and evapotranspiration as well forecasting and a current conditions “ticker”.

The data collected will aid the greenkeepers making important decisions either when opening or irrigating the course in turn saving the club money when applying expensive resources like water, fungicides and fertilisers.

In the next few months we will hopefully have this data available for the members to see via the website or weblink for you to see our live weather stream.


During this heatwave the irrigation system may still be irrigating the golf course when play begins, every effort will be made to reduce the impact this has on your golf. Unfortunately when the temperature rises above 25Β°c the evaporation rate increases so much that our closely mown areas need irrigating in the morning and evening otherwise the closely mown areas will go brown from stress and die . Not only temperatures increases evaporation, wind can all so have a big influence especially wind from North, East and South as we are currently experiencing.

See the colour change from Friday to Monday in the pictures below.
Above is a picture from Friday 5th July.

Then on Monday 8th July.

Thursday evening irrigating fairways.

Leaking sprinklers

Leaking sprinkler on the 12th green will reduce water pressure and cause uneven growth, disease, moss invasion, and thatch which will result in a poor putting surface and cost more in water bills if left for to long. We have approximately 350 sprinklers on the course all watering greens, tees, approaches and fairways.