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Hi all please could you observe the ropes and stakes that are around the course at the moment especially the rope by the 2nd green approach. These ropes have been put out onto the course so wear and tear is spread so damage is at a minimum.

thank you all.


Pitchcare Magazine Article

Shooters Hill GC Pitchcare Article. June 2017

Last Autumn some of the lower greens were struggling in the shade when the nights started drawing in, this is common in the autumn but more so last year with the combination of a lack of rain and increased play. I purchased a organic feed with added bacteria that would hopefully reduce the risk of disease while increasing the recovery from stress. The fertiliser worked amazingly well and those greens treated were disease free all winter, I gave my feed back to my rep and then suddenly I’m doing an article of the course and a section on the product used. Click on the above link for the article in Pitchcare magazine

I hope you enjoy the article.